Aromatic Fillers, develops, designs and creates candles for some of the world's most recognized retail, boutique and private label brands. Our handcrafted methods combined with lean manufacturing principles make us an effective solution for your business needs, regardless of size or complexity. 

  • Contract Filling: Provide us your own formula, fragrance, container, labeling or packaging and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Customized Projects: Our team will work hands on with you to develop a custom fragrance, labels and packaging.


Every candle we produce conforms to the strict protocols of the National Candle Association, American Society for Testing of Materials and the Consumer Products Safety Commission. We work with world class raw material suppliers, both domestically and overseas to deliver premium quality. 

  • Fragrance Throw:  Your customers expect it and we know how to deliver superior fragrances that are true to life, evoke memories and create new ones. Our process is designed to minimize fragrance loss during production to maximize throw at point of purchase and during use at home. We can also craft the blend to your desired specifications to achieve the results you expect.
  • Wick Optimization: There are thousands of wicking combinations based on the wax blend, container and fragrance. Each candle is different and requires custom wick optimization to achieve a clean burn and fragrance throw. Aromatic Fillers carefully places each wick by hand, centered in the container to ensure the cleanest burning candle with full consumption. 


At Aromatic Fillers, we understand that achieving an optimal, safe burning candle and exceeding customer expectations for fragrance delivery both play a crucial role in the repeat purchases and brand loyalty. We burn and monitor each project per the specifications and test protocols of each client. 

  • Fragrances:  Utilizing our partnerships with the best fragrance suppliers,we will help identify and acquire the desired fragrance for your product or assist you in developing a signature scent.
  • Wick Selections: The most important component in a clean burning candle is proper wick selection. All of the wicks we use at Aromatic Fillers are 100% lead-free and made here in the U.S.A.
  • Wax Formulations: We offer a wide variety custom wax blends for your candle project. You could choose to use either 100% Paraffin or Soy, Vegetable/Paraffin blends or other natural waxes. Combine that with premiums fragrance and the latest in wax technologies including UV inhibitors and antioxidants to deliver superior quality.
  • Containers: We can fill just about anything and offer a wide variety of of containers. We will test each container to ensure it is safe for your customers. You can choose from hundreds of styles in glassware, ceramic and metal tins.